I'm sort of a beginner guitarist and i was wondering if it is possible to get Seymour duncan blackouts or dimarzio d activators into the bridge pickup position without having to make any room. I play mostly metal and the pickups on there currently give me too much of a soft tone. i haven't heard of anyone doing it yet so i had to ask. Also, where do you think i could get it done at?

this is the guitar

For the bridge, yeah you can.

It might need some work done. Especially because Blackouts are active.

Your local guitar shop should be able to do that for you. It'll cost above $20

As for the D Activators, DiMarzio and Ibanez go together like PB&J. There's your answer.
Try it, I dare you!
If you get the blackouts, you would need to change the other pickups as well. Active electronics are a one way road, you either do it all or not at all.
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if they're active then yes. the blackouts also come in single coil as well as humbucker, just a boring fact there
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so if i got d activators i would have to do the same?

No because they are passive pickups. And it sounds like a pickup swap isn't exactly your biggest concern at the moment. What amp are you using?
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a line six spyder 3 15 watt.

yeah, i know

but its not thaaaat bad for a first amp

Your so called "soft tone" has nothing to do with your pickups, and everything to do with your amp. Replace that first, then we can talk about pickup swaps.

Also, kudos on not buying one of the huge Spiders (like yours truly ).