so i currently have a marshall mg30dfx, but due to new living, car insurance, and money restraints, i have come to the conclusion that i need to sell it, which may actually be a win. but, i have a birthday next month, so i was wondering, whats a small, cheap, but good sounding punk amp to ask for? i play a telecaster. ive heard some good things about this amp called a "v18" maybe? idk. your help is greatly appreciated.
oh yeah and obviously an o-d channel.
between 100-200 is prolly all id be able to get my dad to spend on his own (i.e., last year he made me throw in an extra 100, which got me my "wonderfull sounding marshall".) and 30 watts is prolly as loud as ill need.
For punk you'll probably want to look into some sort of modelling amp.

There's the aforementioned Microcube, Vox Valvetronix series and the newly-released Peavey Vypyr series.
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You can't downgrade an MG,it's the worst amp you'll ever see.

I suggest a microcube,it will suit you perfectly with your needs.
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id be most likely to get the cube 20 out of him. thats still a good amp rite? because the most i ever do is jam with a buddy in a bedroom, usually just by myself or in front of my friends in a yard at 3 in the morning.
The MG is a very god amp for the money. I really like it.

You should look for something used. It may be worth it to keep the MG as I'm not sure of the resale value.
I personally would just bite the bullet, stick with the MG for a while, save up about 6-$700 and look for something much nicer than a V18. Maybe a Mesa F-30 or better.
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if you want something small and cheap an epiphone valve junior combo will do the job
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lol for punk any amp will do
ibanez tone blaster?
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the v18 isnt small, and its not that great of an amp either.
i know you said you wanted somethng cheap, but could u give some idea of the price? i'm not really sure what to suggest

It's better than ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL other amps in that price range.

I'd get the V18 and a Bad Monkey.