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im going to france next year, and instead of hanging out with a gang of raging queers all day, i was planning on going out and about on my own and doing some busking with mah trusty acoustic. but what is the deal with taking a guitar on a plane? could i get it as a carry on? if i cant, what would i need to do to keep her safe?

In domestic flights over here, say, from the capital to a smaller country town, it's fine. But if this is an international flight, they probably won't let you.

Terrorism, etc.

Buy an extra ticket for the guitar?
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i actually went to the bahamas on BahamasAir and they let me take it as a carry on...
I flew to africa on south african airways and took an acoustic on the plane without a problem. They did bitch at me when i changed planes once for getting there late and no room in the over head... my guitar ended up getting a empty seat in first class while i was in coach. (true story)
You can put almost any instrument in the plane's closet. But, if they run out of room, you have to leave the instrument behind.
call the airline?

when i was on an airplane i saw a dude with a guitar and he said he took it on as a carry on

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You just take onboard with you. I've done that 2 times and have had no problem at all so far, no extra money, no damages to the guitar, everything is just fine.
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you CAN get a seat for it (lolz), but ussually carry on isnt a problem....
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Checkw ith the airline people, and see what you need to do to avoid checking it. Whatever you do, never check your instrument.

Some instruments are small enough to get on as a carry-on, but if you have to buy a seat for it, ist better than checking it. And if it's not for a full person, sometimes they'll cut you a discount too.
they will never make you "leave it behind". At worst they would take it and put it with the rest of the luggage or i guess in a rare case of being out of room maybe on a later flight.
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ya i might get a seat for it.

Dont be silly. I went from the UK to Canada with my Schecter in a hard case. They just made my open it at check-in to make sure it wasn't dangerous, wrapped 'fragile' tape round it, and made me take it to over-sized luggage. I didnt even have to pay any extra for it. BUT!!! when i got it at the other end, the lock had been broken. I think they tried to open at either Gatwick or Vancouver, not sure which. But it busted my case because it wont lock now.
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Get a decent case and ask for it to go in fragiles

this is what i did when my cousin unexpectedly gave me a guitar when i was visiting. just make sure you bring packing tape and stuff to secure the latches at the airport, cuz they will probably ask you to open it up for an inspection before they send it off.
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no ive carry on. u might b able to gate check it though...or buy another ticket for it. im being serious with that too...
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don't think airlines these days would let you put it in a seat. If you can't strap in down with a seatbelt there's a possibility it could fly around during turbulence. Bring it on as carry on and just get on the good side of the flight attendents so that they'll put it in the first class coat cabintet.
It depends on the airline and the size of the aircraft.

I flew with United, and their mid to continental planes are all big enough to fit my penis. However, I flew on one of their small jets once and had to put it in the luggage compartment because it was too big.

That's their policy: if it fits, then you can put it in there.

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Dunno what everyone else said but:

If you are using a crappy airline then it will have to go in the hold, so make sure it is well protected, it won't be treated nicely. If you're going with BA or Virgin they will let you take it on board and then as you get on the plane they will take it and put it in one of the small cupboards they have for 'valuables' then collect it when you get off, this way it is scanned when your luggage is, so make sure they treat it nicely.

You should also call the airline before hand to say you have a '3rd' piece of luggage aside from your suitcase and handluggage, then they can't say anything about it.

I had to fake cry once to get my guitar on an Thompson Fly flight to Israel. It worked.
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If you have to check it into the hold, make sure you put a stript of gaffer tape over the catches on the case. They are well known for popping open, and then getting ripped off by other items of luggage, so the tape stops them popping open in the first place.

And dont forget to loosen the strings a bit before take off.
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a tip for busking in France:

French people aren't very good at English, unlike most Europeans, and they also have a law that states that 90% of music and tv has to be in French, so they tend not to be familiar with English language music. So, try to learn some stuff that they will know, otherwise you might have some problems earning money. Having said that, I earned €30 in about 3 hours busking in Lille (NE France). Try to play very famous songs. Also tramps tend to get upset about you playing on "their patch".
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try carry on
get on the attendants good side
but if you can afford it itd be mad to have a story about how you bought your guitar a ticket:P
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I read about the baggage handlers manhandling guitars and other related horror stories. I brought my Electric with me to Puerto Rico from New York in a gig bag. It never left my side, it literally sat next to my leg on the floor the whole way over. I untuned it before getting on because I also read about cabin pressure or something warping the neck. I don't remember them giving me any shit about it so it must have been no problem.
I took my electric from Okinawa-Osaka-San Diego-L.A.-Texas-North Carolina-Texas-Tokyo-Okinawa on the plane. You cant carry it on because there hasn't been enough room for one on the 100+ planes I've been on. I usually just check mine, but get a really great case because they cracked mine a little on the edge. It was and $80. The guitar was fine though.
you can either buy a case for it or mark it as Fragile. that what i did with mine going form New Zealand to the UK both ways. no harm done
I bought an electro-acoustic while in Italy and was allowed to take it as carry-on luggage. So as long as it's not very big or too heavy, you can take it with you in the plane.

Seems like other people were unlucky.
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If you're from the UK, why not get a boat instead? Much easier.
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Get a decent case and ask for it to go in fragiles

That's what I did and my guitar is fine. It was even a gig-bag for my acoustic and it was fine.
Check with the airline. If you cannot bring it on the plane with you or purchase a seat for it:

1) Get an ATA approved flight case
2) Put that in a bigger box filled with styrofoam
3) If you have the time, ship it via FedEx or UPS to your destination

I find UPS and FedEx treat packages much better than the airlines, and they hardly ever lose your luggage. If I can, I ship my instruments ahead of time with a "hold for pickup" order at the UPS or FedEx location nearest the airport where I will be landing. BTW: I don't trust DHL, as they don't do a good job delivering things I purchase on the 'net to my home.

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Don't you need to adjust your guitar so its able to handle the pressure on a plane?
^ you just loosen the strings a bit. a few turns of the tuners is ususally enough.
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*shrugs* i just put mine in a hard case padded it with tissuepaper and then in a soft case with bubble wrap,then stamp some fragile stickers on it....has to unwrap it all to show the guy but he said its not uncommen for people to over wrap thing's like guitar's.
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I always bring my guitar when travelling and so far I have been able to carry it on the plane all the time. I either store it in the over head compartment or once I got to put it in the closet thing near the front......I don't trust the airline with my guitar (even in a hardshell case I will NEVER send it with other luggage).

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I have done this with my electric.

There are size limits you need to check, but it should be good.

I had trouble on the way back, they told me i wasn't allowed to take it as a carry on, even though i already had on the same airline on the way up, and they made me check in twice, but in the end it was good, i was allowed to put it in the overhead compartments too.
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