hey guys
due to my moderate/ poor knowledge about my guitar, ive decided to do a guitar build to learn about what i play

well here it goes:
1.)i have my austin starterstrat thing, i already have a collage of concert tickets taped to it, which looks pretty cool. but i plan on rubbing off all the paint and doing a cool paint job then reapplying the tickets.

2.) i wanna put a original floyd rose with a d-tuna in it, but then cut a cavity in the body so i can still whammy backwards.

3.) i wanna put in a killswitch

4.) i want to put in some single coil EMG's or maybe a mix of dmarzios or something, i havent looked into which pups yet. thats beside the point

so, the reason im doing this is to learn about painting, wiring, floyds, and pickups.

any opinions on the build?


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the floyd mod is gunna b a bit in-depth and wiring active pups is hard if u dont kno wat ur doin but its all feasible. worth it? for money...no but for experience yes. im not sure mod/poor knowledge would get it done though.
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