Hey boys i was wondering what you guys thought of these DI boxes. I was originally getting an amp but i dont have the money now but my band-to-be is chipping in for a PA system. I was lookin at the Sansamp bassdriver, the bassbone or the bass metaphors boxes.

i have a small amp now, but i want a DI box for my PA.

also any suggestions for a pa?
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If you don't mind spending alittle extra I would go for the SansAmp bass driver.
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The Driver is the industry standard. A great solid product. I would definitely consider investing in one.
i swear by my sansamp and i havent met a bassist that has used mine that had any complaints about it.
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The Sansamp is a tube-emulating DI, meaning that it won't exactly send the pure DI'd sound of your bass.

In terms of clean DI's the Avalon U5 is often regarded as one of the highest quality around sending a pure bass/preamp signal to the house. Maybe too pricey though, depends on budget.

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