My Marshall JH-1 (Jack hammer) pedal has become quite a pain in the ass recently.

I don't use it often, choosing instead to play accoustic or clean, and the last few times I plugged the pedal in, after strumming a few notes, the pedal stopped giving the correct sound, shooting a loud, high-pitched noise through my amp instead. The guitar, cables and amp are all ok, it's really with the pedal that I have a problem. And when the loud noise comes up, turning the volume knob of my guitar just changes the pitch of the sound, not the volume. It's quite weird.

I don't know if you understand what I mean, but if some of you experienced anything similar, do you know how it can be fixed? or if it my pedal is good for the trashcan!

Loud, high-pitched noises are usually caused by feedback. It might be something that can just be screwed down, but it'll more likely require a soldering iron and/or a part replacement. If google doesn't turn anything up, you'll probably have to send it in some place for repairs. Also, if you bought it new, the warranty might still be good on it.
i know jack shat about that pedal but it sounds like it needs a reset or you have a guitar wiring problem.

what is your amp?
what is your guitar?
are you positive all your connections are good?
can you try different guitars in amp or your guitar in a different amp.
do you have your pedal plugged into AC or battery?

yeah - that guitar volume thing changing the pitch is way whacked.
damn, I wish it won't be too expensive to repair!

a slack/unsoldered part is pretty plausible, flyingbeerman, thanks! i'll open it to check if there's anything wrong in it.


I wouldn't think it's a guitar or an amp problem... when the guitar is plugged directly in the amp, all plays smoothly. and it isn't my cables either, I tried a few out. The pedal was probably banged around too much... thanks anyways!

Anyone else has any advice or repair tips? thanks!
yah that pedal is crap that marshall sells way over the top.
try not having the gain all the way up.
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yah that pedal is crap that marshall sells way over the top.
try not having the gain all the way up.

Marshall pedals are good value for what they are. It is definitely not rubbish. Marshall pedals are cheaper than Boss and are true bypass.
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damn i just looked at the prices you right last time i took a look at those they were way more expensive.