i use DR strings and they work amazing

they literally are the best ive ever used and i was experimenting for a while

fits ur descrpition perdfect

btw i play with hammer-ons alot and have 10 guage strings
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gauge = thickness

in your case I'd probably go for "Super Top Regular Bottom"
or Regular Light

D'Addarios play pretty fast
i use ghs boomers religiously, they are amazing string. By far the best IMO


(gauges 9, and 10 btw)
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Dude. The prices on that site are way jacked up.

Just buy them from Musiciansfriend.


I'd recommend the Regular Lights.
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i use ghs boomers religiously, they are amazing string. By far the best IMO


(gauges 9, and 10 btw)

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I tried DRs and couldn't stand them, even brand new, they sounded worse than the Daddarios I had just took off. Never played EB or GHS, but dadarrios sound so good to me I've never been bothered to switch. I will have to try them some time though I guess.
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