Poll: Warmoth Pro neck or Fender American Deluxe Neck
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Warmoth Pro Neck
20 77%
Fender American Deluxe Neck
6 23%
Voters: 26.
I'm in the process of making a custom Stratocaster from parts, and I am looking for a replacement neck. I am unsure about the quality of Warmoth replacement necks versus a Fender American Standard or American Deluxe neck from ebay.

I've heard many good things about the American Fender necks. Unfortunately, none of the stores in the area carry any, so I am not sure how they compare to the Warmoths.

If I were to go the ebay route, I'd just get a new Standard or Deluxe American neck from the Stratosphere guy. All of his necks are mint or very nearly mint. Those are a little bit more expensive than a custom Warmoth neck. Prices are anywhere from $350 to $400.

If I went the Warmoth route, I'd get a Warmoth Pro rosewood neck with 1 5/8in Graphtech nut, Stainless steel frets, and a Vintage Tint finish.

So overall, more customization on the Warmoth and its cheaper than the American Deluxe necks. But in the end, it wouldn't be that much different customization-wise because I'd be getting similar specs to the Fender neck.

So can anyone vouch on the quality of each neck? I've heard of some problems with Warmoth, where there were quality issues and the customer support people were obnoxious. But then I've heard of people who swear by them.

What would you suggest?
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warmoth necks are better than fenders because your able to customize them, there cheaper and they have compound radius. imo.
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All the Warmoth stuff I've bought (inc necks) has been top quality. Bit of a wait and got stung on the import taxes but no complaints about the goods.

I'd vote Warmoth over ebay (unless ebay was a lot cheaper).
There's going to be some wait time with the Warmoth neck, but the quality on the Warmoth stuff is really top-notch.
Make sure you set aside some cash for a luthier to dress and level the frets, Warmoth doesn't do it on theirs.