I went to guitar center yesterday to buy a new amp, and of course I tried out plenty of guitars as well. I tried the Ibanez S Prestige S2170, and it just felt perfect. The string tension was just right but with the action still low, the neck felt perfect, it wasn't too heavy, the shape was just right. And oh man, it played like a dream. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money right now, but I'm actually going to get a job so that I can afford this guitar.

Anybody else ever played something that, as soon as they started, knew was right for them?
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Yea, when I found my Hellraiser at guitar center. I was just walking along and then i saw it out of the corner of my eye. and I was like AVEEEEEENNNNGERRRRRRR!!! I MUST HAVE!!!! lol and i played it and it fit me like a glove, it was perfect. I literally suck with any other guitar. But with mine i'm halfway decent.

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my ltd

and i want to try a PRS soon
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Yeah...my JEM...played it at GC and bought it the next week...
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my aerodyne bass, it just makes me happy. everytime i play it i get a boner
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The several guitars I own right now and the several more I will own in the future. None do everything just perfect, but I believe a whole bunch will.
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