I've been wanting to buy a electric guitar for awhile but I'm on a budget of $250.
I was kinda looking at a Epiphone SG speacial on musiciansfriends.com.
I don't need nothing really fancy just something to get started on.
I've played bluegrass the whole time I've played, and I think its time I play something I'm more into like AC/DC, Disturbed and so on.
And I just want some people with brains on electrics help.
I bought a used Gibson SG classic for $300.00. It had some dings and was yellow but it played and sounded great. Also, the pickguard had a crack around one of the screws.

It sounded light years better then an Epiphone and was a solid player. I was going to replace the guard but it was ok functionally and didn't move or anything so I kept it.

Buy used. Don;t buy an Epi new. If you decide to go that route buy used.