Hey guys. At the start of this year, I bought a Schecter (Diamond Series) 30th Anniversary Tempest. It's a great guitar, and I got an awesome deal on it (about $1200AUS when the RRP was over $2k), but I've found that I don't connect with the guitar as much as I did to my Epi Les Paul Standard (which I broke).

So, here's my plan. I'm thinking that if I can sell the Tempest for a good price, I'll look into finding some kind of Gibson LP, if I can find one that I'd like. I'd almost definately have to look second hand, but I've seen that new-ish LP Studio's/Specials/BFGs pop up in a used gear store for around $1500-1800.

My question is:

How much could I expect to get from my Schecter? It's got much higher specs than the normal Tempests, was a limited edition run, and has custom engraved pickup covers and inlay and other useless cosmetic features. Would expecting about $1500 be unreasonable?


I've looked on eBay to try and find something to give me an idea about how much I could get, but the shop where I bought the guitar used to be the importers of Schecter's, and apparently only three of them ever came into Australia, and only 300 were made, so you can understand why I'm having some difficulty.
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You bought it new for 1200 and you're trying to resell it for 1500? And the Recommended Retail Price means absolutely nothing. 1200 is the value of the guitar new, so you should expect significantly less than that when selling it used.
Yeah, maybe it is expecting way too much, but I'm trying to account for it's apparent rarity and it's heavy discount when I bought it. If it was any normal production line guitar, I'd agree with you, but considering that there are a grand total of three in my country, and only 300 ever produced, I'm hoping that I'll get some more for it.

It's in excellent condition, there's no real damage, a couple of slight body knocks is all.
dont get me wrong, but i think you PAID for the rarity
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Yeah, quite possible. I dunno. If I don't get offered a good price, I won't sell it. I've shot the store an email, so maybe I'll get lucky and they'll offer me a sweet price in their ignorance.

Worth a shot, at any rate.