Solid rhythm but the lead needs a hell of a lot of work. Cut out the sweeps in Immolation until you can play them cleanly. Work on all aspects of your lead playing, especially on what notes you are playing and the transition between licks. Get it clean and fluent and re-record it
Throw in more riffs too, I got very bored very fast with all the straight repeats with no variation and the fact the same riffs repeated over and over.
Try and put down a drum track, it'll help keep you in time, I felt quite a few slips between riffs where you held a note then went into the next riff
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I don't see any problem with the notes and the riffs are great. It's just a bit sloppy, especially on the sweeps. It is really fast so it will be incredibly difficult to play smoothly. Way out of my skill level for sure. Like demonikk said, a drum machine or metronome would help you keep in time. You seem to have simmillar troubles to me when playing fast with the last notes dying off etc.

Would you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=967029
Yeah, I think I get excited when I hit the record button. I'll work on it a bit and re-upload them in a few days. I agree that Immolation is sloppy and slips out of time in a few places, mainly during the sweeps (even my wife commented that I was trying to play them faster than I wrote it for). However, I think that Antipathy came out well, sweeps'n'all. Then, with Disseverance, it is really just a work in progress. It needs more riffs, but I think it has a lot of potential to be a really rockin' song.

Anyways, thanks for the advice. I replied to your C4C, Tomo009.