Hey guys
I just want some opinions and help deciding from anyone who has experience with either or preferably both of these amps. Im 90% sure that I will be getting one of these two and im upgrading from a Line6 15w that im fed up with now and i was about to buy a Marshall MG30DFX but now that ive seen these two, i am convinced that these are far superior amps to the MGs and I just want to know which one of these Laneys is the better buy.
I play mostly metal with an Ibanez RG and obviously i wanna know which one sounds better and has better tones and can handle pedals better. I believe both of these are in a similar price range and that is the range i prefer to stay in ($150-$250) also i will be always be playing at home and dont plan on gigging so im fine with a 30-50 watt amp and im open to suggestions but as long its in this price range.