Is it pretty normal for all mim strat tone controls unusable?
My strat's tone for neck pickup works fine changes tone but
my second tone knob for bridge doesnt work..
It doesnt change anything 10-0 or is it me that I dont know how to work with it
help me pls
its not for the bridge its for the middle
strats are weird
i can change the wiring so it will change the bridge
searchbar it
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τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ
lol yeah ur right ur a good man
I just found out and it works for middle
ty for the info so the bridge pickup basically dont do anything? so just better to put a humbucker right? I want sum br00talz
some guys add a wire to change the tone.

if you like the br00tals u'll probably want a humbucker.

just make sure your amp is pretty good or it's not a total transformation.

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alrighty ty guys Ill have to think again after I mod with a humberker
Except those eric johnson strats, those are sweet. Best bet, put a SD JB jr in there, best thing i ever did.