Hi all, a very informative place this seems to be

now i am planning my first build, i have been using a 3D application known as Cinema 4D to model everything and get all the scales perfect before i go ahead and start with the actual making

Here is a quick cel render to show you how it looks in 3D so far -

As it is a first build i want it to be as simple as possible, 1 pickup, 2 knobs, dot inlays, no binding etc

Anyway as i say in the title i have 2 questions on bridges. I am planning on going for a wrap around bridge such as the pigtail one that can be found on the Stewmac site

My questions are -

1: As i have decided on a scale length of 25.3" would i put the centre of the bridge post studs exactly 25.3" away from the nut or slightly before or after this length to help with intonation problems that may occur, or perhaps even at an engle?

2: As i have decided on a fretboard radius of 10" will it matter if the saddle radius of the bridge i have chosen is 12" instead? or does it have to match the fretboard radius exactly?

Many thanks!

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a scale of 25.3 never heard of that a more common one would be 25.5 is that what you mean. and putting only 1 pickup in you will lose alot of versatility and the witing for 2 puickups wouldnt be to hard
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Yes his name is Dan
Its just going to be for fun really, an experiment, i plan to make other guitars after but i just want to see if i can create something that actually makes a sound in the shortest time possible so to keep it as simple as possible and as cheaply as possible

25.3" scale length is what i have decided on - unusual maybe but i thought i'd like to try something different

Cheers, Rich
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You should try and keep the nut, fretboard and bridge radius the same, so 12"

and if your using a TOM you might want to angle the bass side back slightly, about 1/8" further back than the treble side, and yeah the trebel should be at the exact scale length.

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