well, i got some copper tape to put on the inside of my guitar.

I got emg's and finding that its internally grounded, would i conect ground to it or not?

would it have any effect at all if i put copper shielding on and not connect it to anything?
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I don't think it would do anything if you don't ground it. You can just run a ground wire form one of your pots if you need to find a place to ground from.

Your pickup should have a ground running to the pots anyway, so just jumper up to your shielding.


Read number 4 of the following link http://www.emginc.com/downloads/wiringdiagrams/EMG-Hseries.pdf

you dont need to shield the cavities of active circuits either.

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You disconnect the bridge ground wire but could still use shielding and shielding doesnt do much good unless it is grounded.