alright i have the wood part taken care of but now it is time for internals. do i need anything besides the speakers, wire, and a female jack? what is the fancy name for the jack? thanks
I look forward to replies... I'm getting ready for the same ind of build
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Thats all you need!

and what type of jack is it? ha i have never been around stacks only combos so i do not know what kind of cable is used to connect the head and cab.
i think its a mono jack, I use a regular guitar cable.
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TS - Use a speaker cable. You can make your own pretty easily if you have speaker cable laying around but don't use instrument cable. Instrument cable is designed to allow low impedence signals to pass through them efficiently. The wattage coming from your amp and going to your speakers will only be hindered by using instrument cable. Although it will work, it won't sound as good as speaker cable.
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