I know most of the open chords, but want to find a guitar teacher close to where i live, so i can get better at playing. I started about five years ago but wasn't motivated and didn't learn much. I did Hal Leonards books w/o tabs just the straight notes, and learned how to do that , but pretty much forgot...how can i find a teacher close to me...also, what is a reasonable price to pay for lessons
Uhh no clue... go to music shops near you, or look on the internet, or in the newspaper.
I'm paying $22 per half an hour for drum lessons so maybe around there?
Go to notice boards at shops, and ask guitar shops. Also if friends have any guitar teachers that'd be good.

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Right now i'm payin $10 a lesson(half hour) but most of his students pay $12 other places are around $15.
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my mom pays $20 a half an hour for me for guitar its worth it though just go 2 a guitar store and if you dontlike the teacher in a month ask for another 1