I'm going to guitar center tommorow to get some new strings for my Schecter Spitfire, and was debating between two gauges.

I plan on using the guitar for C#/C Standard and their respective dropped tunings (Drop B and A#), and I believe the guitar is a 24.75 or 25 in scale neck. I like the string tension of the EB 9 - 46s on my Hellraiser, which is a 25.5 in neck (and on which I tune E and Drop D), and want a similar tension to that.

I was thinking of a gauge either 11 - 54 or 12 - 56 (Ernie Ball seems to make both gauges, not sure about D'Addario, but I like both brands).

So which gauge would offer the desired tension?
I'd go with 11's. I know Alexi Laiho plays 11's and he is tuned to C# sometimes. Some people prefer 12's. Strings are all personal preference anyways. Who knows, you probably won't have much of a tone difference either.
12 - 56 DR mega-heavy jazz strings.
I have never seen ernie ball 12s, and i use the 11s for c quite often. and they are ok, but no wound 3rd. but if you want tension like 9s, go for the 11s.
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