Greets all.

Looking to see what other people think of this problem I'm having.

About a year ago I was given a very nice piece of spalted maple. It was about 4" thick and big enough to fit in a nice sized guitar body. So I decided to make a copy of a BC Rich Virgin (or Neil Moser Scythe, same dif.). I then got to work on the bandsaw and....

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So I cut the thing in half because who wants a 20lb 4inch thick guitar? Well, I don't anyway.... so I go ahead and finish the one half and make a pretty decent guitar.

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I'm happy with it anyway, but thats not why I'm hear!

So the real question. I'm left with this other half, but I'm not sure what to do with it. It has a rather large knot in it and its somewhat brittle, so I'm somewhat worried about it coming out, or falling apart in pieces. The other thing is there is quite a few checks in it

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Sorry about all the drawing on it... old picture.

Other than the knot(s) I would say the body is fairly stable. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can keep this thing from falling apart and if its even worth dealing with. There are some cracks running along the top horn on the front that are about a 1/4" deep at the deepest, its not going to fall apart, but if I rasp away at it it would probably shatter. Also, someone foolishly put some glue in the knot...

I have a nice guitar from this chunk of wood already, and I wonder if you good folks have any ideas as to what I should do, even if its not finish it as a guitar?

Nice job, except i would of painted it a solid color with two stripes on it and put in a neck pickup and a tone knob.
Could be used as a decoration of some sort... maybe a guitar clock?
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Could be used as a decoration of some sort... maybe a guitar clock?

yeh that or you could always just try it out as a guitar but dont spend money on it (if possible) so if it does break no big
Edit: o and nice work on the first guitar it looks good
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That knot is in a pretty good spot for a fix. Personally, i would cut a triangular shaped wedge out where the knot is, use it as a template to build another wedge out of the scrap maple you still should have from the bandsaw cut, glue and clamp it in place, sand it flush, paint over it, and viola!, guitar.
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