i consider myself an ok guitar player and i just joined a band. problem is that some of the songs have solos that i cant quite nail. they really want me in the band but i need to get these solos up to scratch fast (the trooper and hells bells and crazy train for eg). I know these are easy enough but i'm having trouble. Should i just bail out of the band and wait til i'm better or stick with them and practice like mad. They seem pretty patient but i'm afraid their patience may wear thin
give it a shot/improve a little. i love it when bands take a cover and add their own style (or whatever you wanna call it) to change it up
Don't bail out man. Stick with it, practice like crazy too. If they're patience wears thin then thats there problem.
A little tip that helped me out a lot with soloing - Buy a metranome, slow the tempo down and practice the solos that way. Another problem I had was memorization. So I would learn the solos in steps. I'd cut it in half or quarters or w/e, then just peice it all together. Hope this helps man.
yeahh improv the hard parts, so theyre a little bit easier for ya for now...I never play identical solos (we dont play nearly as hard of songs), cause I get bored of that, just rip it man and stick wit the band
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I'd never join a cover band in the first place.
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if your having trouble with the speed of them try this 21day challenge

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