found this guy selling ibanez AEF30E TBK with case and strap and stuff for 290 shipped (or at least i THINK it's shipped)
pictures are small but doesn't look beat up

well as i looked up, it is indeed like 449 at musicians friend,
but the question is, IS this guitar worth buying used at 290?????
cause i kno that some guitars are way more expensive than they really should be

i kinda want a fairly well sounding acoustic electric that's decently pretty and stands out
but i don't know if that price is alright for this guitar...... does this look shady to u guys??
personally, I would pass on Ibanez acoustics.
I used to have an AEG20, grew to dislike the way it played and tone very quickly once I improved a little. Sounded way too bright.

Better guitars for your $300 out there.
i don't mind bright sounds
how tough are they built??

maybe i'll ask the guy if he can lower the price..... dunno if he's gonna do it tho
I would just avoid Ibanez. They're known for poor quality. Especially the Exotic and Art wood series guitars, which that one is.
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I wouldn't get a guitar unless it's a solid top, especially for that price. It looks awesome, no doubt, but looks is about all Ibazez has to offer in their acoustics.

Check out the $300 and under thread, any one of those would be better than that Ibanez.