I've been strumming D, A, G, F, C, E and a few variations of these chords for about 10 years now and I have decided it's time to learn to play. I don't know scales, theory ,etc., and don't really care to write songs. If I could play my favorite songs (Jimmy Buffett and Pink Floyd) I would be happy. I have a Washburn acoustic, don't know the model, a mexi-Strat and an American Standard strat as well. I also have a small practice and and a 50W VOX and an RP-1. I can sit and watch Buffet strum away all day on DVD and am amazed how simple it is the things he play, doing any David Gilmour imitations may take me a few years....

So, any suggestions on where to start? Lessons, books, dvd's, youtube?

Thanks for the help. I'm 35 and figure it's still not too late.

Well the best way to start is to learn your first song, and considering you already know some chords, and like floyd, look up the tab to wish you were here. If you don't know how to read tab, there's a lesson on that right here at UG. I'm sure there's a video lesson for that song on youtube too if you don't want to learn tab for your first song, which I would probably recommend against, because it might be too much at once.
Anyways, everything you need really is on the internet, well it was for me.

OOOH, also, since you have an electric too, learn the rhythm on your acoustic, and the lead on your electric. Learning both parts of the song will start you off great musically.
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