I made this a while back, but then the ,mixtapes were suspended and reordered

its still relevant though..

As much as i dont want to give away the tracklisting until you listen, it doesnt seem to be playing in order.... so here is the order its supposed to be in, hopefully it will work!

* The Rat x The Walkmen
* Play edit He Said She Said x Bell X1
* Play edit Two Steps, Twice x Foals
* Play edit Open your eyes x Snow Patrol
* Play edit Bankrupt on Selling x Modest Mouse
* Play edit 12:51 x The Strokes
* Play edit Unsatisfied x Nine Black Alps
* Play edit What Wolves Would Do x Les Savy Fav
* Play edit Unconditional x The Bravery
* Play edit Back to Base x Fugazi
Novelty x Joy Division
All You Do Is Talk x Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Its in reerse order, so starting from the bottom!

So ya, hop to it

Nice one.
In reverse order?
I don't think there's much logic to the way 8tracks goes through the order which is a bit of a bitch - unless others are finding it to be different?
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I copied and pasted so the song at the bottom, is supposed to be the first one on the mix... doesnt seem to be working though..... i tried favtape as well, but it doesnt have the Bell X1 track
no you can change the order of the tracks in 8tracks it just took me a few minutes of looking around to figure it out.
hmm... i dont remember how i got it to work all the way that i wanted to. but looks like a nice mix, mainly stuff that i've heard but seems pretty good.

one of my favorite modest mouse tracks too.
I quite enjoyed that, thank you.
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