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I have a psychical addiction to caffeine,(damn you energy drinks!) Its 11:20 at night here and i have a roaring caffeine deficiency headache that i must attend to with coffee. So long sleep .

/ 8:00 class tomorrow

Basically i want to now if anybody else is afflicted by this or any other stranger physical addiction?
I've had a serious caffeine addiction for years now. The headaches are unbearable if I don't get my fix.

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Just take an aspirin dewd.

It'll help the headache, but it won't help the addiction or the sleep, most aspirins feature caffeine in decent doses as it's a natural painkiller.

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i'm addicted to killing.

Yea I just watched the season premiere of Dexter too.
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Ive been addicted to weed mentally for a while now...I need to smoke weed at least once a week or I get really depressed.
Cigs. I drink coffee frequently, but I can go without for long periods of time and be fine.
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Yea I just watched the season premiere of Dexter too.

i watched the season finale' last night

and i don't have any addictions... wait, does porn count?
My name is Athetosis, and I'm addicted to internet memes.

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Just eat the headstock.

That'll make you look mad.



sadness(emo i know)
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wow this thread took off, im proud off all our weaknesses guys! haha

on a more serious note, the coffee i made for myself tastes great and aspirin and other headache meds dont work for me.
I'm addicted to Vaginal Skin

edit: **** you ieatorphans!
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shrooms dude:]

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Yea I just watched the season premiere of Dexter too.

SHIT! I forgot and did homework all night instead of watching
Cigs man.

Although being in college now caffeine addiction is slowly creeping up on me

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more like fapping....................................................

you fail dude.
sex is wayy better.
you just dont get it often lol

ill never falter.ill stand my ground.

yes, i am a girl.
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