hey guys, i haven't been around much in GG&A since i started here at the university. but i haven't forgotten the familiar faces around here . a good number of you remember that my Randall has been KIA for like 3/4 of a year now and i'm contacting local amp repair shops and trying to find out where the closest randall service shop is...but i don't know how to find out. i've googled, but all the sites for the shops just say that they repair many amps (including Randall brand), but they DON'T specify whether or not they're an AUTHORIZED REPAIRER.

that's the big part for me, b/c the amp has 3 years of warranty coverage, so if i can take advantage of a free repair, i will. i've tried searching quite a few things in google, but nothing seems to come up right. any help or advice would be helpful, other than telling me to call local shops and ask them myself, b/c that's what i'm doing tommorow.
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I forgot to reply last night - but have tried contacting Randall to get a list from them? You also might be able to get an exception depending on what needs to be done - meaning they might let you source a local amp technician and then send in receipt for reimbursement.