I was browsing for a pedal tuner, and I came upon the Korg Pitchblack (and plus). I like the simple design and look of it, but what really interests me is their claim:

"A 9V DC output jack is provided to power other pedals in your pedalboard."

Would this output only be able to power Korg pedals, or would it work on, say a Metal Muff? I didnt think pedal power supplies were universal, like each brand had its own type of DC adapter. Or maybe I'm wrong, and they are universal, and this is an awesome advantage to this pedal.

Anyone know?
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wow. why wouldnt it work. it doesnt say korg pedals. korg doesnt even make pedals. they only make tuners and multi effects... wow fail
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^Ignore that guy, most of us around here try not to be jackasses.
Anyway, it should work with any pedal provided that they have a DC jack of 9V. Some EHX pedals are weird with their power supply jacks. That adapter should power standard Boss pedals etc. You can download a MM user manual and see what power supply it takes from that. http://www.mydukkan.com/media/MetalMuff_Instructions.pdf: That's the manual for ya.