Hey, not sure if this is the right section but I am having some trouble with my guitar, I recently replaced my volume potentiometer. (My old one got crushed in an unfortunate human-guitar collision) However I think I soldered a wire poorly or something, as about 2 weeks ago my guitars volume started cutting out, it got worse and worse and now It wont work at all... So I took the pickguard off, and saw a cable disconnected, I had no soldering iron so I just tried to wrap the wire around the middle ring on the volume knob... I think that is where it was... It was a white wire going from the input jack, I have a fender mexican stratocaster, not really sure what model though.

However this didn't work and in doing so I managed to disconnect a few more poorly soldered cables, and when I soldered them back on today, it still didn't work so I think I have got them soldered wrong.. My guitar has a fender brand humbucking bridge pickup and 2 single coils, 1 volume, 2 tone knobs (Mid and neck) and a 5 way pickup switch... there is a thin red wire coming out of a group of wires from the humbucker, and I think it was soldered on top of the volume pot, although now I am not entirley sure as it didn't work, then theres the white cable which I think was soldered from the input jack to the middle ring on the volume pot... then there was one more white cable which was soldered between the pickup selector and one of the rings on the volume pot.

There is also a silver wire soldered to the humbucker, and it seems to be coming out the other end of the group of cables with tape around them, however I have no idea where it is meant to be soldered, theres a thing on the pickup selector that looks like it had solder on it, but I am not sure.

So just to recap, this is where the 4 wires are soldered at the moment (and not working)

Thin red wire from a corner of the humbucker to the top of volume pot (not one of the rings)
White wire from input jack to middle ring on volume pot
White wire from pickup selector to one of the rings on volume pot.
Silver wire is currently not attached to anything.