Hey pit, I'm searching songs of my style kinda. I'm searching good songs that had impact on rock/songs that looks like these:

Hotel California - Eagles *
Shakin - Eddie money *
* Something that might sound like classic, still rock with good instrumental in it (hotel california sounds classic kinda but it still has great lead guitar with awesome ending solo)
Blue Oyster cult - Cities on flame with rock n roll, Don't fear the reaper

Good instrumental rock songs

Songs from other artists that sounds like Ac Dc, Led zep, Guns n Roses, BucketHead, Eric Johnson, Paul G, Steve vai, Van halen , Winger , scorpions, skid row.

Kinda good hard rock from 80s or something that sounds like.

If you know good songs from the artists I meantioned please tell them (like I don't know much about eagles but I like that song so they might have other good songs)

Sorry if that's too big or complex or w/e , but in general, I just want good instrumental (or songs with good instrumental) old rock/hard rock/progressive rock .
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Metallica have three pretty good instrumental songs. Titles are Orion, Call of Ktulu and To Live is to Die. From what you said I can almost guarantee you that you're gonna love these.
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Not an instrumental but The Rain Song by Zeppelin sounds pretty awesome and is surprisingly easy to play and in a funny obscure but easy-enough-to-get-to type tuning.
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