I'm looking at this guitar... It'd be kinda like a custom but i'm not going to do too much to it... but anyway... i'm assuming that since this guitar is an Epiphone it has a scale of 24 and 3/4 and i want a 24 fret neck BUT! problem!!! i don't think warmoth does 24 fret necks on necks with a 24.75 scale... and if so then i missed it... but i was wondering if the extra 2 frets would have the same problem as the fender 24 fret issue where the neck pick up is in the way? cause on like the Tony Iommi sig. it has 24 frets but it looks like ther is no problem... and same with the prophecy series SGs.... and on my SG 400 there is like still space in between my neck (which has 22 frets) and the neck pick up.... which seems like it would be fine for another two frets.... if you could help me out here i would GREATLY appreciate it
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With Warmoth, to get a 24 fret neck you have 2 options;
1. An extention they offer on their 25.5 scale necks, but it might hit the front pickup, OR
2. One of their Baritone Necks which is 28 5/8 scale.

Also, keep in mind, their necks are all shaped for a strat style neck pocket.
well i think i'd need a 24 3/4" and thanks for reminding me about the neck pocket...
In your eyes I see the darkness that tourments you, and in your head where it dwells, I'll give you my hand if you reach out and grab it, let's walk away from this hell.
well the replacement neck would have to fit the pocket exactly, which means the 22 fret would be in the same place, which means the fretboard will have to extend beyond the neck over the body, now looking at the pics in the link the neck humbucker will probably get in the way of the 24th fret.

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Your going to have a really hard time finding a drop in replacement neck for a bolt neck epi. Only the low end ones use bolt necks so there isnt a big market for replacement necks. The epi neck pocket is unique to their guitars. So your gonna be pretty much stuck with the neck thats on it. If you want the 24 fret neck then a warmoth SG body and neck would be the way to go but much more expensive than the epi 310.
TBH I'm not sure if it's worth spending the money on for two extra frets- for that guitar anyway. With the money you'd spend on a neck, I'd save up for a better guitar with 24 frets standard
Even if you wanted those two extra frets you couldn't use them- I couldn't reach past about the 18th fret on mine (no, I don't have small hands - the cutaways aren't deep enough).
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