Why Squier? I'm a beginner at guitar and I like Fender designs, not Fender prices. I'm disappointed in the build quality of my Fender P bass and impressed by the quality of my Squier Vintage Modified P bass.

What will I be playing? Red Hot Chili Peppers, alternative, pop punk, and some indie.

What do I want out of this guitar? Decent quality, I don't want to have to replace anything. Decent sound, I will be getting a tube combo, which will help with that.

I am a bassist who likes to play around on guitar, so size and weight isn't an issue.

These are what I'm looking at

Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster

Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster

Squier Jagmaster

If anybody owns or has played any of these guitars I'd love your input.

I'd go with the pinecaster.
The Jagmaster. Plays really nice.
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Telecaster most definitely looks the best and has a great deal of versatility. I'm definitely go with that if I were you.

I have a Squier Strat and they are good too. But, I'd much rather have that Tele.
Thanks for the replies. I found some pictures that are definitely making me GAS for the tele.

I'd still like more opinions though
AFAIK, that's the only Pine telecaster other than custom shop models that's in current production.

I'd get it.
I know you said you don't like Fender prices, but trust me, save up 100 more dollars and buy a Mexican guitar, you will be MUCH happier in the end, as the jump up in quality from a Fender to a Squier is immense.
Those Classic Vibe telecasters have been known to trump their Fender MIM counterparts at times. I would definitely get one.
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Get that Telecaster man its sweet. It has a Three saddle bridge they = God.
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Is there much of a difference between the 300$ Squier and the 400$ fenders? I sell them both in the shop I work at, and really can not tell much of a difference. That said, I'm not a huge Fender fan
I'd recommend to anyone considering squier to get Fender Mex, they're much better and dont cost much more
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you should bump up and get a MIM strat (made in mexico strat). they are a lot better than squiers by a long shot and aren't much more expensive (especially if you get it used, which i recomend doing).

if you absolutely can't bump up to a MIM at ALL, i would suggest the strat out of those three because of the note manipulation abilities and versitility of the guitar. the other two wouldn't be AS verisitile and wouldn't be able to sound as good in as many ways but that is just my opinion.