For my music tech project, I had to make a MIDI sequence in Garageband.

So I ended up making an electronic arrangement of JS Bach's fugue in Gm from the first solo violin sonata.

Check out Electric Fugue:
*****You must hear this through subwoofer speakers or dynamic bass headphones because the subsynth bass is very low ranged****

Also, here's an original interpretation if you're interested for comparison:

I'm not an electronic music aficionado, and I created this more or less without any electronic music experience/knowledge, so please pardon if it's not what you usually hear. Anyways, thanks and enjoy.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Quite nice. It's not really my thing, the electronica style... but it sounded well put together, and voicing was nice. And in the end it turned out quite nicely and well put together.

Thanks for getting to mine. Sorry I don't have much to offer here besides a nod of approval.