so my learners permit test is tommorow, i have studied and done the online test a million times over the past week but i always score low 80's on the practice test. it is a pass, but i would like reassurance in the fact that if i score low it will still be a pass. so any tips on remembering things like turning rules etc. (it is always rules and responsibilities that lets me down).
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Although i guess the OP will have to get used to reading them if he's going to buy a bugera..
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along with fire escape routes...

I don't know. I never even opened the book they gave me and never wrote notes during class or studied anything and I made like a 90-something.

It's all common sense, in my opinion.
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80% is by no means a pass, your allowed 4 wrong answers in the whole test, one in the first section and 3 in the others, if u have done the test that many times you should get 100%, its all common knowledge really and after doing it 3 or 4 times they start asking the same questions so its just a matter of memorising the answers
I actually had a lot of difficulty getting a driver's licence, seeing as I got caugh driving without one so many times. Pretty f*ckin ironic really, that getting caught driving without a licence makes them less willing to give you one, like they want you to continue the trend. Morons.
like dethskar said, most is just common sense.

and the real test has almost the same questions as the practise tests.

good effin luck
Good luck bro my test is this Thursday
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thank you zackR .
It's really easy. Just remember, give way to those to your right or those turning from or continuing along the continuing road. Also, revise how to indicate around roundabouts (almost no one knows how, it frustrates me). It's mostly common sense though.
Yeah the questions on the test are exactly the same as the practice tests
so just do like a jillion practice tests
and for the photos, look ABOVE wherever they tell you to look and youll look good
otherwise you'll look like a serial killer
most are common sense, some are just ****ing retarded. example

what are the requirements for having a dog in the back of a pickup truck? ( i hate dogs, im driving my moms mini van for now)

a. 18 inches
b. the dog is not allowed in the back of the truck
c. the dog must be tied with a leash


Another ****ind dumb one.

All these vehicles do not have to stop for a train crossing, when the rails are up except...
a. all vehicles
b. a semi truck
c. a tank with biohazardous material (not joking)

I dont even nkow the anser to this one, but it was ****ing stupid.

hmmm where i live you can miss up to 8 and get your permit. also there is alwasy ALWAYS this one question on it, and alot of ppl miss it. its when is the road most slippery.

A. during heavey rain(this is what you think)
b. when a slight rain occurs after a dry period (right answer)
c. on a clear day

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Good luck. It wasn't too hard for me, although my guy asked me if I was waiting for the stop sign to turn green.
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It's verrry simple, stress less.. The questions are pretty much the same as they are on the practice test. You will be fine. Good Luck
yeah dude, I just got my permit two days ago, the test really is not that hard.

In all honesty, I thought I failed the test, then I realized the lady said I passed and I was stoked lol!
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I failed twice before getting mine, but I only got one question wrong in each attempt before I finally got my L's. Stupid system IMO. What 16 year-old kid has $40 to shell out for every time they sit the test? And why do they have to sit the test to obtain a "LEARNER's" permit? Isn't the idea of a learners permit to, say, LEARN? The questions are truly retarded as well. Most of them are easy, but then there are like "How far from a bus lane can you legally park? 10, 15 or 20 metres?". Like seriously, I think I will be able to exercise my sense of judgment and estimation when I'm put in a situation where I need to park near a bus lane. And now they double +20 the hours you need to do to proceed to P's, to make it look like they're doing something. It doesn't mean L platers will do more hours, it means they'll FUDGE more.

And to think, there are countries in the world with even more retarded governments than ours.
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