i'm lookin to get a new amp. I currently hav a vox ac15 and a fender strat. i like to play a lot of blues.
what's the main difference between the fender 65 super reverb and the fender 65 twin reverb? do you guys have any opinions on these? how do u think these two would compare to a vox ac30?
The Super Reverb is a 4x10 speaker configuration and 45 watts.
The Twin Reverb is a 2x12 speaker config, 85 watts, and roughly $200 cheaper.

I suppose they are on par with the Vox AC30 for cleans. I've never played either so bump for ya. I'm assuming the Vox can get 'dirtier'.

Also the Vox amps are British voiced and the Fender amps are American voiced if that matters. From what I've read the AC15 is a love/hate thing.