I love 80's pop/electro/rock music so much. And i was just wondering what 80s songs u ppl love the best.
My top ten is:
Howard Jones- Like to get to know you well
Abc-how to be a millionaire
Bonnie Tyler-Holding out for a hero
Whitney Houston- so emotional/saving all my love for you
Chaka Khan- I feel for you
Go west- Don't look down
Kate bush- running up that hill
A flock of seagulls- Space age love
Planet patrol- Play at your own risk/cheap thrills
Laura Branigan- Self control

I could put so many more but the list would be endless.Any way post your favs and maybe you will find that the 80's is without a doubt the best decade for music. If you disagree then also please let your feeling be apparent.
Well, there are many good "Italodisco" songs from mostly Italy and Germany in the vibe of what Modern Talking have done and sound very spacey without ever talking themselves all too serious and that is what makes them so good. And some amazing short guitar solo here and there to keep in touch!

I'm posting these two videos to get you started and appeal to me anyway.

Radiorama - Vampires

Fair Control - Symphony of love