Hi everyone, im buying a new amp, and i've been offered a 1986 Mesa Boogie Mark III 80w with reverb. The guy who's selling it (he has been the only owner) has kept it in great condition, and has changed the tubes annually. My query to everyone here is what would be a fair asking price for this amp?; he is asking $2000 Australian ($1,636 USD; 1,141 EUR).

If i buy this amp, i will be playing my yamaha sa2200 through it: beautiful.
Thanks to anyone who replies, cheers, Harry.
Well Harry, that would depend on what amp u already got and whether or not its worth spending ur hard earned cash for a used mark III from the 80s
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my apologies, i'll re-post in the gear forum; in reply to rock monster, i currently have a marshal master reverb 30w solid state amp; i've been saving a while for a nicer amp, hence the tendancy towards a mesa. The fact that the amp is from the 80's is reasonably inconsequential as it has been maintained perfectly, and i believe the mach III's have been out of production for some time so there are no new ones available anyway