well i was thinking of changing my pick guard out to metal just because i think it would look awesome.
a few questions for that.
1. Will it ruin the sound/hardware of the guitar?
2. What metal should i use?
3. How do i keep that metal shiny?
4. How do i take the knobs and pickup selector thing's off?
last question and probably the most important. Do you think i should do it?

Thanks in Advance
1. As long as it was just a thin sheet, it shouldn't change much about the guitar.
2. Whatever is cheapest and you can get a hold of cheaply if you have a flat top.
3. Polish it daily.
4. Some knobs use a set screw, some just use pressure. Most blade style selectors just have a plastic thing that can be pulled off. A toggle selector just has a screw on piece of plastic.

What you have to take off really depends on the guitar you have. I wouldn't do it just because it's a pain in the ass to take care of and to do it right without ****ing with the sound.
maybe a metallic paint? most probably easier and it's cheaper aswell. any suggestions?
such as what paint and what to put on top of it so it doesn't scratch off when my pick hits it.

or anything else that could be useful info.
I made myself a metal pickguard out of aluminium diamond plate

used just the most basic of tools (angle grinder, drill and some files)

aluminium is like cake to work with

probably what have gotten better (perfect) results if i knew someone with a CNC laser cutter or water jet or something....but I don't