I'm going to get a new guitar soon
But i can't decide,
An Acoustic or an Electric.
I really like Nirvana,
I'm.. kind of. "Nirvana Freak." (A term which was coined by Frances Bean Cobain)
I really like Acoustics,I really like Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny.
But still,There are a lot of songs that i need an Electric to play,
The Clean Electric is just.. Not enough.
If i'll choose the Electric,I'll go for the Squier Strat HSS
or the Yamaha Pacifica 112J
If i'll go for the acoustic,The answer will be Fender CD-60
You see,I have a low budget. =[
If you're after a budget acoustic, the yamaha apx500 is an absolute killer!
I recently bought one for £175 new, and it plays like a dream. Plus its got a pre-amp so you can play it distorted if you really want.
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id go electric
just cause i massivley prefer playing electric and i play more electric than acoustic
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the only tip I can give on this, is find out which electrics/acoustics fit the money you are going to spend.... play em, and then decide which fit your style best.... it's very possible to play nirvana on an acoustic, but you're right if you're saying that electric is better for it..

honestly, you're the only one who can make this decision lol
I would say go for electric, you'll end up regretting getting an acoustic if your musical taste begins to differ.
If you're really stuck and can't decide there's no law that says you can't have both. buy a good Electric and a cheapo Acoustic (or the other way round if that better suits you)

The thing to keep in mind is you buy an acoustic and other than a few inexpensive extras (gig bag, pick and strap) your pretty much set to go where as with electric guitars, you've gotta figure in the cost of an amp, leads and so on
Go electric - you can make a decent fist of playing acoustic stuff on an unplugged or clean electric, but trying to play distorted electric stuff on an acoustic is a hollow and barren experience
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