So, my Sister was on my laptop last night, and she admits she was messing with the user accounts and control panel and stuff. As a result, i now have to enter a password when i turn on the Laptop, for example, the acount screen comes up "Conor's Laptop" then a picture of a kitten (lawl) then i have to enter a password. My sister doesnt know what the password is that she activated. Idiotic fool.
Any ideas how to bypass this, and just delete the password settings?
Cheers in advance.
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No idea, buddy. Google it?

Edit: Oh, wait...

Well im here posting on the family PC.
And thanks Saphrax, but that seems a little too farfetched?
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There's ways to bypass it if you do a little searching.

Here's a hint for one way:
Safe mode.

Even when i do start it in safe mode, it still requires me to use the log-on screen.
Been there, but I can't remember the solution. Use google
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didnt you get a password reset programme on a disk when you brought the laptop?
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It'll reset the password for you. Make a separate CD (burn the image using CDburnerXP, boot from it (hit F12 or F8 at the beginning when restarting) and follow the prompts or read the walkthrough. Afterwards, change the image to something manly under account settings, and stick your own password to avoid this in the future.
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