I like this shredder,a few questions for u :

1) Why do he wears a mask?
2) Could u post some song about him,I like Notthingam Lace & Soothsayer but
I dont know which to listen cause I dont like all his discography.
3) His guitar influences ?

1) Inspired to wear it by the movie "Halloween 4".
2) Frozen Brains Tell No Tales, Funbus, Plastination Station, King James, Welcome to Bucketheadland, Binge and Grab, Flock of Slunks, Lotus Island, Night of the Slunk, Jordan and so on.
3) Angus Young, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bootsy Collins, Shawn Lane, Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee.
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check out Jordan...thats the song everyone generally finds him by...

Jordan is fail compared to 99% of the rest of his work.

TS: Check out Enter the Chicken (album), it's a relatively easy way to get yourself into his work because it's mostly not instrumental so it showcases his songwriting and soloing without being too off the wall.
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His faced was pecked off by chickens when he was a boy (he lived in a chicken coop)
The cliche but classic "Jordan" is really good.
He was taught by Paul Gilbert.

other than that... i don't know much about him.
Look up Soothsayer in my opinion his best song. All Nottingham Lace is really good.

Guitar Hero's Jordan has a crazy solo.

Enter the Chicken does show off his song writing skills but his album Colma does not really shred so much its more gentile instrumental music which is really cool.

There's a lot of cds he has but those two are my favorite songs by him.