I need opinions on this, please share.

I'm hoping to end up finishing this and POSSIBLY
give it to my band to play.

Crit4Crit, as always. Thank you.
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Well the intro riff is quite good, nice but dont forget to palm some there :P i know you know that), but after that, the drums pretty ****s it.damn too loud and maybe it would sound better with some bass, but its to intense and it gives the wrong feeling IMO.At the chorus/or the lead part/ the drums go along very well, i liked them there and also the second guitar, with lots of slides& maybe some pick scratches
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i dunno man, you have some good ideas, from my point of view it has somewhat a kinda interesting riff, but like there was not much of a chorus... the end riff was kinda cool but needed something more.. if i was you i would keep on developing it before giveing it to a band to play

then again im not a big fan of this sort of music..
thanks guys, working on making it a better song.
all help is appreciated.

Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.