I ordered a computer off there about 2 weeks ago and it still says order taken and not sent.

i had to have a security check with i was told would be sorted in 72 hours so i wondered if they were having a problem sending them out.

Anyone else havinga problem

ill give them til tomorrow then ring them
did anybody else read vagina in the title?
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I ordered a game and steering wheel about a week ago, steering wheel has come game hasn't.
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did anybody else read vagina in the title?

Oh yeah
you got the right idea there

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Play.com is shite. My girlfriend ordered an mp3 player off it and it took 2 months to arrive.
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I hope not i'm waiting on a couple of dvds.
I'v never had to wait mor than 5 days at max with play.com though so i have no idea what the problm is.
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play.com stipulate up to 21 days for delivery (although they aim for <5).

After the 21 days you can claim a full refund or ask for a replacement to be sent.

FYI this happened to me and I ended up with two of the things I ordered.
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did anybody else read vagina in the title?

I thought I was the only one who noticed, but well, this IS The Pit.