This is a Christian rock song that my band is doing. So let me know what you think. And be honest We can take it. Are band is called Rapture Ready. So check us out on myspace.


Verse 1
I look around at the people and I see
Desperation on the faces, trying to break free.
We all live caged up lives.
Can someone save us from the lies

We need someone bigger than this world

Someone to believe in
Someone to save my soul
Someone to talk to
When you feel all alone

Someone like my Jesus
Someone like the Lord I know
Someone like the Savior

The one that sits on the holy throne

Verse 2

People sat that no one cares
The pain their feeling nobody shares
We all just want to be loved
To feel like we belong to someone

Cause we all need someone when we fall
When the world tells us were to small
Your screaming’ but you can't make a sound


I think it sounds alright, at least I imagined it with a good flow.