So I'm looking to getting a Marshall 50MG, since that's the only Marshall 50 watt combo I can find, and I read all this bad stuff about them over the forums. Yet, when I read reviews about them on other places, they are really good. So why does the MG series have a bad rap?

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because they're overpriced, unreliable and don't sound very good.
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Most of the reviews you will find on the internet will be people who

a) just got the amp, and wrote a review

b) are very new to playing guitar and dont have an 'ear' for tone yet

These amps sound alot worse than the other practice amps you can find out there, youre better off buying a Cube or a Vox.
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and I read all this bad stuff about them over the forums.

looks like the searchbar was already used

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Instead of suggesting the use of the "search bar" for these kinds of threads and posting a response, maybe just let these go by next time? If nobody commented they'd clear the first page in twenty minutes or so...
The MG series gets a very bad reputation because...

1.) It is a solid state amp
2.) The gain channel(s) sounds like it's being played through a tin can
3.) The clean channel sounds very sterile with little excitement
4.) They are HEAVILY marketed to beginners with the "Marshall name"
5.) Many people who buy them are unaware that the amps are mass produced X1000000 and believe they are buying a JCM for $200

Why I don't mind them:

1.) They're very solid... and for beginners, solid IS VERY IMPORTANT... It probably won't break on you (though there are some horror stories).
2.) They're simple... Easy to use is important when starting out
3.) Cheap and often loud... They're a great first amp to jam with

Yes, you could have used the search bar, but the other people are assholes...

If we all used the search bar for everything, there would never be any new posts.

In final... Buying an MG is not the end of the world like many would say it is... But in a few years, you WILL BE BUYING A NEW AMP AND TRYING TO SELL THE MG.