OK so I was in this other thread talking about my freak kidney (it's like twice normal size and has an extra tube coming off it) and then I realized... I don't even know what it's called. Is there a name for this condition? I charge you, the Pit, with the resposibility of finding out the name of my condition, as well as associated risks and problems. I can't find anything, but I am an imbecile. All I know is that a few males in my family have been born with it in past generations.

While we're on the topic, does anyone else here have any defects/rarities in their bodies?

Love you. All of you. Immensely.
Like really, I am touching my nipples right now because of you.
The below is false.
The above is true.

*world implodes*
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Go to a doctor then?
If it's AIDS I might as well kill myself.
The below is false.
The above is true.

*world implodes*
kidney superhookahitis
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