Well im about to do a cover of this using the stem files from the gh3 version

the backing as said earlier was the stem files of drums and bass

all guitars were recorded by me usinga toneport GX with an agile al2500 with bare knuckle miracle man pickup in the bridge.

Im not 100% sure on whether the harmony part is right as im playing it by ear which i suck at.

Let me know what you think

Metallica - The Judas Kiss (Tone Test)

oh yeah just thought id add the song is also on my profile and the buzzing sound you can hear when the guitar stops is interference from my CRT monitor i forgot about i had to move away for recording.
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Well, it sounds like you have the actual guitar parts down pat... However, I would recommend doing this:

1.) Throw some mids in there. The scooped mids just make the tone sound very thin.
2.) Work on timing! It's most apparent during the palm muting on E and also the pre-verse F# section.
3.) Turn the gain down a hair.

I feel confident in saying that if you incorporate these ideas into your recording, you'd nail it! But overall, you've done a damn good job. "The Judas Kiss" is a badass song, too. ha

EDIT: I came up with the aforementioned ideas just from listening to your recording and the actual Metallica recording one-after-the-other.
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i will take all of your comments in when finishing it i still have to figure out the rest of the song.

thanks a lot for your comments.

After listening it back i noticed my timing was off a bit.