Probably that one mod called "Slut", based on his name at least.

On topic: I thought clipping was the same as distortion? Well I've heard there's more clipping in SS amps so maybe you could buy a tube amp? I dont know about any mods though, have you tried google?
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Like Pingis said more clipping on SS. Have your speakers checked out, that might be the problem. But we need more details.
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Alot of factors can affect clipping. Clipping is part of distortion so if you want distortion your gonna get clipping. But there is good clipping and bad clipping you need to be more specific.
Its a bass amp so i don't want distortion.
I want to mod this amp anyway so if i could reduce the clipping i get when i turn it up past 12 o-clock that wiuld be great.

I was thinking of a speaker change. If the opamp(s) are socketed im gonna mess with a few to see which clips less.
Your not going to find to many amps with socketed anything just added expense when made. I have a bass amp that does the same thing. To much signal going in does it and to much on the volume knob makes it distort. Just what happens when you overdrive opamps. The solution I use is a chip EQ pedal in the FX loop with the EQ set flat and the pedal volume turned up. Basically 2 volume controls. The amp volume doesnt need to be up high but its alot louder.
SS doesn't necessarily clip more, it just clips harsher as compared to a similar wattage tube amp. Tube amps round off the clipped waveform, whereas SS amps amplify the 'sine' wave so much and clip it so close that it essentially becomes a square wave.

The op-amps won't be socketed, and trying others will yeild little to no difference. Idk about the speaker change.

Maybe if you could find a way to up the voltage after the recto just a bit, it'd give it more headroom, but I honestly don't think you are experienced enough or if it's worth the trouble.

tl;dr: You're SOL.
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Why don't you give us a schematic, maybe there is something obvious that could be changed.
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