Does anyone here know how to see the inner workings of a hollow body guitar like a gibson es-335 or epi dot? My guitar doesn't have a panel on the back like what I would usually expect on a solid body so right now I can't check out the problem. The problem is that the guitar suddenly stopped putting out any signal of any kind, so I assume its a solder as some point but I can't be sure till I get in there.

sorry i cant help, but theres a guitar at my studio in the exact same boat so i could do with sum help as well.

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Any work done to a hollow body is 3 to 5 times what a solid body will cost. As you found a simple repair on a solid body is just that. No such thing as a simple repair on a hollow body. It all has to be done thru the fhole. If its an epi its gonna be a loose jack thats broke a connection, frighteningly common.
I just rewired my 60's ES-330 from humbuckers to P-90s, replaced all the pots and switch and caps.

The guy above doesn't have a clue, as you don't do any soldering through an F hole. You just take everything out and fish it through when you're done.

It may be a little more, but not 5x more. Any good repair person can do this.

Take everything out. When you want to put everything through tie a string (loose) on pots, switch, etc.... run the string to each pot, etc... through the hole it mounts in.

Pull the strings and the part will come through the hole.

It's not that hard to do but it's kind of a PITA. It probably added 45 mins onto the job.

Before: Note wrong pickups and tuners - hence super cheap price

After: I had the period correct Bigsby, changed to repro tuners and put P-90s back in (I was lucky it wasn't cut for the humbuckers.

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I dont remember mentioning any soldering thru the fhole that would be a neat trick. The 3 to 5x is an estimate. Some shops will say its not a big deal as they do it alot others wont want to deal with it and charge more. Doubt it would cost 250 bucks. But if its 20 bucks to fix a regular jack figure 60 for a hollow body.
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Does anyone here know how to see the inner workings of a hollow body guitar like a gibson es-335 or epi dot?

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So should i just say goodbye to the guitar? Do you think it will be more than $250 for something like this?

I think you should do it yourself.
If you decide it's not worth it, I'll buy it off you
id say its worth it if you have the time, actually pretty simple, just time consuming and meticulous
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