I want to get an Epiphone SG, but I can't decide on a G-400 B-stock or a G-310. I really want the G-400, but I've never bought a B-stock guitar before. Has anyone had any problems with one?

EDIT: I plan to buy off MF
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Is B-stock just refurbished? If so, refurbished is supposed to be restored to "like new" condition. I've bought some refurb electronics and couldn't be happier. Great way to get a good product at a good price - and better than just buying "used" from some dude on Ebay.

This is a tempting site: http://www.bstock-guitars.com
Yeah, i got a factory second RG350DX for £150 because it had two little dings in paint. Plays alright sounds alright pretty pleased with it. Needs a pro set up though.

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I bought an epiphone casino with the "used" stamp on the back of the headstock. Arrived flawless (excluding the stamp mark) and the electronics worked fine.
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I bought a B-stock Dean Evo off of Ebay & it was perfectly fine in all respects.
Had a couple of very minor (cosmetic) blemishes/dings on it and a small flaw in the the actual finish...but nothing that effects the playing at all. Saved a couple hundred $ that way too.

B-stocks are most typically NEW instruments that have minor cosmetic flaws to them. Nothing that is supposed to effect the playability.
Musician's Friend B-stock This is the basic standard that most online stores will use to define a "B-stock" item.
Cosmetic/Finish type issues (which is what most...but not all...B-stocks are) don't bother me in the slightest. I've never owned a single guitar in 25yrs, that hasn't ended up with some sort of ding, chip or scratch on it.....So I don't even sweat that at all.

Just be sure of what is actually causing the guitar to be classified as a B-stock...Most reputable dealers will not include anything in that category that actually hinders the instruments playability...but you can never really be too safe. So make sure that you ask questions & give it a good try out before buying. There is also C-stock, refurbished, scratch & dent & just good ol' used categories...so just be sure to verify what you are actually buying & why it's categorized as such.

I always buy B-Stock when I can. I have never had an issue. Remeber - you can still return a B-Stock to MF/M123?AMS and get the warranty.
I shoulda also pointed out, alot, if not the vast majority of those guitars that were returned for playability issues that vary from person to person.
man problem with buying 'b-stock' from them/gc online is that you can't see WHY its 'b-stock'
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man problem with buying 'b-stock' from them/gc online is that you can't see WHY its 'b-stock'

I dunno if they will do it for the lower end guitars, but my buddy called and asked specifically why the guitar was clearanced. Plus, you still get the 30 day return policy.
I have, and I had a very good experience. Nothing was wrong with the guitar whatsoever.
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got a Schecter damien special FR as b-stock and the only problem was that the 24th fret had to be leveled on the side haha
it was a steal
plays amazing
at the local guitar center they had at one point, three sunburst LP customs that were all factory refurbished, they had repaired headstocks and were all $999.99 they played, felt and sounded better than alot of the other pauls ive played, i sure wish i had a grand to drop that day
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