Where's the real rhythm and blues gone?

The 'RnB' these days, even though it can be argued that it's good, it should be graced with the name rhythm and blues.

It winds me up. I have no problem with the music, as people are entitled to like what they want, I just have a problem with it being called that.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?
meh i didint even think RnB was rythem and blues..i'd heard it once but discounted it as pure poppy ****....anyway yeah RnB should go back to the roots
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Music changes. 30 years ago The only thing metal was Black Sabbath, look at it now.
its just the way it was developed. like it or not it is what it is, music changes for better or worse
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It sucks how RnB stars are seen as proffesional musicians.
pretty sure its rythm and bass (or beat) ..... hence why most RnB doesnt really sound that bluesy

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I heard R'n'B stands for Rhythm and Beats nowadays. Sounds doubtful to me. Even if it were true, what the hell happened to the original R'n'B?

Its Rhythm and Blues.
Also, i;m not complaining about the music, its just that it is using that name and not delivering.
RnB means both Rhythm and Blues and Rhythm and Bass, it just depends on the era.